Transform Your Building Into A Profitable Energy Asset

Experience a transformative journey with REX Energy, Inc. Whether it’s a single unit or a multi-tenant property, an exciting opportunity awaits you. Your property’s potential is on the verge of a remarkable transformation.

How it works

Sell Energy to Your Tenants

Boost property revenue by offering energy to tenants.

Reduce Tenancy Outgoings

Cut costs for property owners and provide affordable solutions for tenants.

Renewable Energy Generation

Embrace sustainability with our large-scale renewable energy solutions.

Large-Scale Battery Integration

Ensure stable and reliable energy supply with cutting-edge battery assets.

Real-time Monitoring

Stay in control with real-time insights into revenue,performance,and tenancy behavior.

Tenant App

Empower tenants with a user-friendly app to manage their energy usage in real-time.

Fast ROI

Experience a quick return on your investment with our efficient energy solutions.

Positive Cashflow Financing

Explore flexible financing options aligned with your business goals.

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About Us

REX Energy leads in renewable tech for multi-tenant properties from Orlando. Our X1 system integrates seamlessly, cutting costs, boosting eco-friendliness, and unlocking new revenue streams. Welcome to the future of accessible and efficient renewable energy.


To democratize the access to renewable energy for tenants and property owners alike, fostering sustainable communities and empowering energy independence.


To lead the charge in transforming energy systems for multi-tenant properties worldwide, setting a new standard for energy management that is clean, cost-effective, and future-proof.

Clients We Worked With

Unlock A Lucrative Revenue Stream For Your Property!

Whether you own a single or multi-tenant residential property, there’s an exciting opportunity to drastically cut energy costs for your tenants by over 80%. By embracing innovative technologies, you can boost your property’s value and energy efficiency. Our solution integrates real-time metering technology, on-site renewable energy generation, and dependable, long-lasting energy storage systems. This powerful combination not only significantly reduces your property’s carbon footprint but also transforms it into an eco-friendly community asset.”

Transform Your Property with REX Energy: Your Global Partner in Renewable Solutions. Our team, comprised of world-class specialists in renewable energy and battery integration, is dedicated to turning your property into a high-performing, revenue-generating asset. We focus on delivering decarbonized energy solutions that not only contribute to a greener planet but also offer substantial monetary savings to your tenants. Partner with REX Energy and embark on a journey to redefine your property with cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy solutions.

Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Success

Harmonize real-time metering, on-site renewables, and robust energy storage with REX Energy’s solution. Witness a remarkable reduction in your carbon footprint, elevating your property to a sustainable, eco-friendly asset.

Transform with REX Energy

Leading the Green Revolution

Experience prosperity with REX Energy – where technology and sustainability converge. Transform your property into a green success story with our innovative solutions.

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We understand that each property is unique, and so are your energy needs. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with tailored solutions and information to help you make informed decisions.