About REX Energy

Rex Energy is on a mission to lead the transformation of energy systems for multi-tenant properties worldwide. Join us in shaping a sustainable future where energy is harnessed responsibly, setting the stage for a global shift towards clean and efficient energy consumption.
REX Energy is at the forefront of renewable energy technology, delivering comprehensive solutions for multi-tenant property energy management. Our team, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is dedicated to innovating the way renewable energy is generated, metered, and consumed. We believe in a world where renewable energy is accessible, equitable, and efficiently used by all.
Not only is our X1 compatible with existing buildings, but it also forms the central integration platform for renewable energy in property development. This enables developers and building owners, in collaboration with homeowner associations, to lower tenant costs, make properties more eco-friendly, and uncover previously untapped revenue streams.

Our Mission:

To democratize the access to renewable energy for tenants and property owners alike, fostering sustainable communities and empowering energy independence.

Our Vision:

To lead the charge in transforming energy systems for multi-tenant properties worldwide, setting a new standard for energy management that is clean, cost-effective, and future-proof.

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Transform Your Property with REX Energy: Your Global Partner in Renewable Solutions. Our team, comprised of world-class specialists in renewable energy and battery integration, is dedicated to turning your property into a high-performing, revenue-generating asset. We focus on delivering decarbonized energy solutions that not only contribute to a greener planet but also offer substantial monetary savings to your tenants. Partner with REX Energy and embark on a journey to redefine your property with cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy solutions.

Empower Your Energy Independence

The Remarkable X1

The REX Energy X1 platform is a groundbreaking solution in renewable energy management, designed for multi-tenant properties seeking to significantly reduce their reliance on grid energy. This advanced platform not only offers cost-effective energy solutions but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Important Things You Should Know


The X1 is infinitely expandable, REX Energy has a version that starts with 36 single phase metering points and increases in increments of 36 single phase metering points.

– Commercial buildings
– Retirement housing communities on community titled land
– Residential buildings
– Townhouse communities
– Flats
– Shopping centers
– Strip shopping centers
– Industrial, commercial communities 

Single tenant:
– Industrial properties with multiple equipment loads responsible for production of multiple items. 

– Residential or commercial sites that wish to have energy security over the power grids and own a standalone energy production system, capable of powering your site for days, weeks or months without connection to the energy grid.

Partner with REX Energy, and we’ll join forces with your development and engineering teams right from the start. Our services are offered for a low monthly retainer fee. Our involvement can be as comprehensive as a turnkey solution or as supportive as guiding you and your contractors through the journey of decarbonizing your property, from the drawing board to the final build.

License Requirements and Process for International Investors in REX Energy

1. Introduction:

REX Energy, a leader in renewable energy integration and high speed next generation metering solutions, offers an opportunity for international investors to acquire up to 51% ownership in a licensed REX Energy entity. Our comprehensive support includes onsite training, staff development, sales guidance, software updates, and ongoing support, ensuring your venture’s success.

2. License Investment Range:

The cost of acquiring a country-specific license ranges from USD 2 million to USD 15 million, varying based on the country’s market potential and opportunity.

3. Eligibility Criteria:

   – International investors or investment groups with proven financial capabilities.

   – Commitment to REX Energy’s vision of sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

   – Compliance with local and international regulatory standards.

4. Application Process:

   – Initial Inquiry: Submit an expression of interest to REX Energy’s International Licensing Department.

   – Preliminary Assessment: REX Energy will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the investor’s financial capacity and alignment with REX Energy’s goals.

   – Formal Application: Eligible investors will be invited to complete a formal application, including detailed business plans and financial projections.

   – Due Diligence: A thorough due diligence process, including financial, legal, and market analysis, will be conducted by REX Energy.

5. Agreement and Payment:

   – Upon successful due diligence, a licensing agreement will be drafted outlining terms, conditions, and expectations.

   – Payment for the license should be made as per the agreed terms in the licensing agreement.

6. Onboarding and Training:

   – REX Energy will provide comprehensive on-site training for staff and management.

   – Continuous development of staff capabilities and operational excellence will be ensured through ongoing support.

7. Sales and Marketing Guidance:

   – REX Energy will assist in developing effective sales strategies and marketing plans tailored to the local market.

8. Software and Support:

   – Regular software updates and technical support will be provided.

   – Ongoing advisory support to ensure operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

9. Performance Review and Compliance:

   – Regular performance reviews will be conducted to ensure compliance with REX Energy standards and local regulations.

   – Continuous alignment with REX Energy’s strategic goals is required for license retention.

10. Renewal and Expansion:

   – Opportunities for license renewal and expansion will be based on performance and market dynamics.

Contact Information:

For more information or to begin the application process, please contact REX Energy’s International Licensing Department.

Yes, in most cases just as easily as it can be installed in new-build applications. 

REX Energy’s X1 platform is offered at a low daily fee per metering point or tenant meter and a low fixed monthly site data usage fee.  Our charge-outs are increased on an annual basis for CPI at 3% or CPI, whichever is greater. 

REX Energy also offers turnkey project management services for new and existing buildings.  This process involves turnkey project engineering, sourcing of local contractors, management of the installation process of solar, wind, battery, the X1 and commissioning.

REX Energy also offers ongoing preventative maintenance services.

For property developers, the integration of the X1 stands as a testament to decarbonization efforts and the adoption of advanced metering technology. This integration affords property owners a dual-income stream: from renting out the property and from selling energy. The X1 system is designed to limit energy imports from the grid, focusing instead on utilizing energy generated and stored on-site, thereby enabling the conversion of renewable energy resources into profitable revenue streams.

As a property developer, the X1 increases the value of your property to the new owners.  

As an owner, your REX Energy powered property is now an energy asset as well as a rental asset. 

The X1 is an all-encompassing platform for metering and asset management, designed for properties with either single or multiple tenants. This IoT-based solution uses digital power meters to track and record all energy and power usage history for each tenant. It also delivers real-time data on energy and power usage to tenants, facilitating their involvement in controlling the total power demand of the building or property.