Global Licensing Opportunity

Own 51% or more of REX Energy in your country or region

Expand Your Horizons with REX Energy: Exclusive Regional Licensing Opportunity
Join the forefront of the renewable energy revolution by partnering with REX Energy. We are offering an exclusive opportunity for ambitious entities and entrepreneurs to own and operate a regional or country-specific branch of REX Energy. This is your chance to lead the charge in sustainable energy management in your region, leveraging our proven technology and business model.

Why Partner with REX Energy?

Innovative Technology:
Gain access to our state-of-the-art X1 platform, a revolutionary system in the field of renewable energy management, designed for efficient energy integration, storage, and metering for multi-tenant properties.

Proven Business Model:
Benefit from a business model that has been successfully implemented and refined. Our approach ensures profitability while promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.

Custom Ownership Structure:
We offer a unique opportunity to own 51% or more of a REX Energy branch in your country or region, giving you control and a significant stake in the business.

Comprehensive Support:
As our partner, you will receive extensive support ranging from training, marketing strategies, product knowledge, and operational guidance to ensure your success.

Potential for Growth:
The demand for renewable energy solutions is increasing globally. This venture offers substantial growth potential as you contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Who Can Benefit?

Our licensing opportunity is ideal for:
– Entrepreneurs looking for a promising venture in the renewable energy sector.
– Existing energy companies aiming to diversify and innovate their portfolio.
– Investors seeking to make a meaningful impact in sustainable energy.
– Corporations committed to leading the green energy transition in their region.

Your Path to Becoming a REX Energy Licensee

1. Initial Inquiry: Reach out to us to express your interest and discuss the potential for your specific region or country.

2. Detailed Information Session: Participate in a comprehensive session where we will share in-depth details about our technology, business model, and the scope of the partnership.

3. Evaluation & Due Diligence: Both parties will undergo a thorough evaluation and due diligence process to ensure alignment of goals and capabilities.

4. Training & Setup: Once onboarded, you will receive extensive training and support in setting up your REX Energy branch, including technology deployment, staff training, and operational setup.

5. Launch & Ongoing Support: Launch your REX Energy branch with our continued support in marketing, operations, and technology updates to ensure long-term success.

Take the First Step

Embark on a journey with REX Energy to reshape the energy landscape of your region. Contact us today to explore this unique global licensing opportunity. Together, we can build a sustainable, energy-efficient future.